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  • Hauser Clinic and Associates 5959 West Loop South, Bellaire, TX 77401
    Medical Profesional(s): Dr. Harris M. Hauser MD (Psychiatry) , Dr. Donald E. Hauser MD (Psychiatry) , Dr. Douglas J Stockwell MD (Psychiatry) , Dr. Bernard M. Gerber MD (Psychiatry) , Dr. Arturo F. Rios MD (Psychiatry) , Dr. Hayley E Maislos MD (Psychiatry)

    Specialty(ies): Psychiatry, Mental Health

    Phone Number(s):
    • 713-669-0303

    State(s) Listing: TX - Psychiatry, TX - Mental Health
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  • TMS Center of Texas 1830 Snake River Road, Katy, TX 77449
    Medical Profesional(s): Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero (Mental Health)

    Specialty(ies): Mental Health

    Phone Number(s):
    • 281-829-2TMS

    State(s) Listing: TX - Mental Health